End Of Year Special

Nothing Can Stop Santa

and his 9 Rain-Deer Special

After months of Clouds, Rain and Floods we are finally coming into the Season of Joy which is a time of celebration for all. For the next 9 Weeks Dalekit’s sled of Joy is being led through the La NiƱa weather system by Santa and his 9 Rain-Deer of Discounts.

From the 24th of October we will be giving an additional discount on our range of
Traditional and Straight Drop Awnings until the 31st of December 2022.This temporary special discount will be reflected when quoting in Buz.

For the next 9 working weeks of 2022 it is our pleasure to welcome
Santa and the 9 Rain-Deer of Christmas and their discounted products.

All of our Pivot Arm systems as brought to you by Dasher
Thank Dancer for the discount on Alfresco Straight Drops and Cable Guides
Prancer brings you a discount on a classic awning, the Automatic Awning
Vixen has taken over the Spring-Loaded Straight Drops
Our Traditional Straight Drop Awnings are introduced by Comet
Cupid Strikes at the heart with a well-loved favourite, Recovers
Donner present the ever faithful and versatile Acmeda Straight Drop and Wire Guide
Blitzen runs with the big boys and brings to you the Acmeda Extreme Systems.
Rudolph heads the pack with his offer on Acmeda Zipscreens.

This offer excludes any Folding Arm Awnings, Roof Systems, Reworks, only covering the products listed above.
This offer is extended to all current customers and only orders that are
Accepted in Buz for the remainder of 2022, quotes that are created or accepted in 2023 will not have this discount
applied and will be reverted back to the standard discount rate.

If you are interested in any of the above products or any of our Folding Arms and
Roof Systems check out our website: https://dalekit.com.au/ and keep an eye out
on the Dalekit Facebook page each week when the Rain-Deer give us a peak into
their personality and present the awnings they represent

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