Alfresco Cable Guide Awning

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Alfresco Cable Guide
Alfresco Cable Guide Awning

More About The Alfresco Cable Guide Awning

The Stainless Steel Cable Guide is the ” Next Step Up” from the Gearbox Straight Drop Awning with its cable system allowing for you to have your blind down without having it move back and forth during those windier days.

Dalekit have invested in machinery to improve every point of the manufacturing processes to ensure that when you buy a Dalekit made Stainless Steel Cable Guide Awning, you are assured of its quality and appearance for many years to come.

Select your look, using solution-dyed acrylic fabric, woven PVC mesh, traditional green-backed canvas or try our new and VERY impressive Non-Stretch/Non-Shrink ‘Kristal’ Clear PVC to enjoy the view without the weather.

Dalekit’s warehouse is constantly stocked with many hundreds of rolls of your favourite fabrics to ensure we have instant access to the most popular ranges, colours and styles.

Alfresco Cable Guide Cable

Alfresco Cable Guide Cable

Alfresco Cable Guide Operation
Alfresco Cable Guide Bottom Rail
Alfresco Cable Guide Cable

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Alfresco Cable Guide
Clear PVC Alfreco Cable Guide
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