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Welcome to the Dalekit FAQ section. If your question is not answered in our FAQs, please contact us. If you are after more technical FAQs and you’re Dalekit customer, go to the online customer centre.

No –  Dalekit do not sell to the public.

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Support – We can offer Sales, Marketing and Technical support with a dedicated team dedicated to Customer Service that can teach you.

One of the largest ranges of ourdoor shade solutions from one manufacturer folding arms – Over 40 types of standard solutions on hand to manufacture in our Sydney Factory plus more that we can order in meeting all your needs, from Traditional Awnings, Straight Drops, Acmeda products, Canopies, shopfronts and Retractable Roof Systems – we have all your needs covered under one roof, and access to many more.

Huge range of Fabrics –  options available with 35 in our basic price grid covering any requirement your customer may have plus many more we don’t list.

Reputation – As a quality supplier who has been manufacturing for over 20 years – you get dedicated specialists working on your awnings.

Due to such vast industry knowledge we are constantly looking at ways to develop and improve our products.

Because we care! We not only care about our customers but that the end user will have a quality product they will love and can rely on. Dalekit employ our TICQ value to everything we do:  – TEAMWORK, Integrity, Communication, Quality. These factors built into everystep of our processes  ensure you receive a product you can rely on.

Members of the BMAA – The Blind Manufacturers’ Association of Australia is the premier trade association for manufacturers and component suppliers of blinds, awnings and shutters. The BMAA is the industry association in Australia which represents the manufacturers of blinds, awnings and shutters, as well as component suppliers, throughout Australia, Members are bound by the Code of Ethics, which helps reassure customers that they will be treated fairly and professionally also ensure the highest possible standards in relation to all aspects of our business are maintained and fully comply with all relevant laws and requirements.


You can access Dalekit’s price list by filling out our online application form or by reaching out directly to Dalekit via email or phone. If your application is successful, we will give you access to a part of the website that is exclusive to Dalekit customers, which includes our price list and other technical information of our products.

We have an online ordering portal for our customers. Once you are a customer we can give you access to the ordering system. If you want to get started ordering, apply here.

Yes. We have a whole section of our website that is exclusive to Dalekit customers and for those whose application has been successful. This section of the website includes our price list and other technical information of our products. One of those Dalekit customer exclusive things is the Dable (Dalekit Bible)

The Dable (Dalekit Bible) is the holy grail of the Dalekit and Covered product range. The Dable is our most information packed document we have ever created. The Dable includes technical information of each product so that you understand all of the product specs which may also answer any unanswered product questions you might have. This is only available to our customers. Apply to be Dalekit customer to request access.

We usually would have a showroom, but it’s unfortunately still under construction due to a recent factory/premises change. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has prolonged this process even further. Despite the delays, we are so excited to get our showroom up and running to the public!

Yes, we are Australia wide. Because we manufacture and operate in the Sydney area delivery is less expensive compared to other areas.

We have more information regarding delivery pricing on our price list.

Our customers are always welcome to call us from site if installers are unsure on something. Having a dedicated Customer Service/ Support team with extensive knowledge we can generally answer any question whilst you are onsite which will help your customer satisfaction being able to finish the job.

Applying to be a Dalekit Customer

To be able to start ordering our awning and blind and roofing system products, you’ll need to apply online. Once your application is successful you will be granted access to Dalekit’s online Customer Centre.

The online Customer Centre is a section of the website made only for Dalekit customers. You’ll need to be given access by our team in order to use this part of the website.

The Customer Centre includes things such as:

  • Dalekit’s Price List
  • The Dable (Dalekit Bible); a technical product brochure
  • Technical FAQs
  • PDF downloads of our latest newsletters
  • Updates to Dalekit’s latest changes

The aim of our Customer Centre is to help our customers the best we can, and at the same time constantly improve to meet our customers’ needs.


Covered  is essentially how we brand the products we manufacture. We (Dalekit PTY LTD), own and manage the Covered brand. Although our Covered brand is aimed to attract the end consumer,  it is NOT retail. We DID NOT create this brand to compete with our loyal Dalekit customers.

All leads/enquiries we get from Covered get sent straight to our Dalekit customers, given that they use Dalekit to supply the consumers’ desired products.

No – This is just a brand name for our products where we can send leads to our customers – again Covered do not sell.

If you are after a Covered product for your home, business etc. head to the Covered website so we can get you in touch with your local installer!

Technical FAQs (customers only)

For Technical FAQs please go to the Customer Centre. If you wish to request access, please apply now.