Australian Made For Over 25 years

Dalekit Pty Limited started out as a small business in 1997 by Joe & Josip Pajeska. This father and son team already had over 8 years of well-rounded blind industry experience in blind & awning manufacturing, assembly and installation. Using this specialised skill-set the father-and-sonduo quickly grew their business into what we see today – An industry leading company that employs over 30+ employees, year round and supports an excess of 300 retail awning companies across Australia and New Zealand. 

Quality Focussed

At its core, Dalekit has always been focussed on leveraging the latest technology available globally. This constant re-investment into the business and its equipment has led the business to be able to manufacture quality awnings and blinds to a reliably high standard, quickly. The growth of the business speaks of the reliable quality and trust that has been shown by the industry that, ‘Dalekit is the name to look for when seeking a quality awning, blind or shade.’ 

Widest Range Available

Constantly expanding on our range, Dalekit already have 70+ customisable shade systems with more systems on the way. Not only do we have a large range, but we also have access to the largest indoor and outdoor awning fabric brands from every top-tier manufacturer. Couple this with the new 5 year ‘Covered’ Warranty and you can be sure that you and your customers will find something in the range that will have you Covered. 

Over 100 years of Combined Experience

The administration team alone possess over 50 years of experience and when added to the floor staff – the experience that Dalekit bring to the table is well in excess of 100 years of awning and blind manufacturing. Many key staff members have held their position at Dalekit for more than 10 years (some are more than 20!) and it shows. The expertly crafted shades that exit our factory daily, ready for a lifetime of sun protection are second to none, thanks to this experience. 

An Australian Owned & Operated Family Business

Many of our industries competition are run in Australia but their profits and interests lie offshore. When buying a Dalekit [Covered] product, you are not just choosing to buy Australian made, you are supporting Australian jobs. You are also pivotal in helping the greater Australian economy to thrive and grow – not sending the profits overseas. Dalekit products are sold across much of Australia through the ‘Covered’ reseller network. This indirectly supports approximately 500+ retail businesses and provides the entire country with high quality shade systems that are designed, tested, manufactured, sold, supplied, installed & supported by approximately 3500+ shade experts across Australia & beyond. 

Tested Under The Gruelling Australian Sun

Time offers wisdom through experience. Time has also taught Dalekit on what not to do and what products and methods are less effective than our current range. If we no longer offer a fabric, awning system or a particular manufacturing method, chances are this decision will save you and the end user from a future headache. Over time, Dalekit have tested fabrics and systems and found a small few to not quite pass the ‘expected-lifetime’ battle against the harsh Australian climate. Due to this, Dalekit have and continue to remove any lower-quality awning systems, fabrics, manufacturing methods, parts and motors from our range. So when you choose a Dalekit product, you know you have bought a long-lasting quality shade product that has – over many years – passed the test against extreme Australian conditions.