Zipscreen Blind (Acmeda)

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Zipscreen Blinds
Zipscreen Blind (Acmeda)

More About The Zipscreen Blind (Acmeda)

Designed to enhance outdoor dining, the Zipscreen system seamlessly fit into almost every pergola, verandah or balcony to provide year-round privacy and protection from the sun, rain and insects.

A durable alternative to the classic outdoor awning style, they are also ideal for home or office windows, providing a sleek and secure solution.

Many new homes are built with alfresco areas that could still use a little extra protection. When adding a Zipscreen Blind to these areas, they assure year-round reduced energy consumption. With widths of up to 5.8 metres (7m with Zipscreen Extreme) or drops up to 4 metres, the Zipscreen blind system manufactured by Dalekit will offer reliable operation for many years to come.

Zipscreen Blind Headbox with Front cover removed

Zipscreen Blind with front cover removed

Zipscreen Blind side channel cross section

Zipscreen Blind side channel cross section

Zipscreen Product Variants

Three hood options for the Zipscreen blind system.

Zipscreen Blind Line Drawing with Hood

Zipscreen Blind Line Drawing with Hood

Control Options

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Zipscreen Blind (Acmeda) Images

Zipscreen Blinds
Poolside Zipscreens
Zipscreens enclosing alfresco
Inside view of Zipscreens near pool
Zipscreens with light coloured mesh fabric
Zipscreen for privacy screening
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